Free 3 min Psycho-Spiritual Assessment

Receive an objective analysis on 12 key psycho-spiritual parameters based on your responses upon completion of this assessment.

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1: While walking outdoors, I am highly aware of my surroundings like animals, trees, people, vehicles etc.

2: While waking up in the morning, I feel full of energy, motivation and joy to start my day.

3: I often contemplate about life, my purpose and why I am here.

4: When I am under pressure at work, I remain calm and can easily continue my tasks.

5: While eating, I am fully enjoying every bite of my meal without any distractions.

6: When I am with a friend, I am able to sense how they are feeling and respond accordingly.

7: I am able to express myself through creative writing, art, dance, music or any other form.

8: I feel connected to the whole universe.

9: I am able to adapt and re-invent myself to achieve what I aim for.

10: I am able to sense vibes of people and spaces.

11: In tough situations of life, I remain centered, disidentified and trusting in myself.

12: I love myself, I know what I want and I will get there.